What Is YOUR Reason to Sell?

You have a will, right? Your business needs one as well – known as an exit strategy. There are factors – some you may know, some you may not — that can derail a smooth and successful sale. Here are several scenarios:

  • You are burned out. Life is too short to continue the struggle. Sell, retire, do something you love.
  • Your business faces mounting cash flow challenges—growing too quickly or suffering monetarily.
  • The business has grown beyond your capabilities. Many successful entrepreneurs are not the best CEOs!
  • External economic or competitive forces change the industry, which can be a threat or an opportunity.
  • A successful competitor offers above fair-market value.  It may be time to cash out rather than compete.
  • Death or disability forces a sale and your business’ value can plummet.

As you can see, there are many – often unexpected – pressures prompting a sale.  So, what can you do NOW?

Stay tuned for more thoughts on the efficient sale of your business.

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