We Sell Businesses.

The Salazar Group is one of Orange County’s most uniquely experienced, independent, middle-market M&A business brokers, focusing on businesses $5M-$50M. We bring to sellers C-suite experience, award-winning broker expertise and a comprehensive set of M&A offerings.

We Optimize Business Value.

Business owners have just one chance to reap the rewards of their life’s work. We create a Broker’s Opinion of Value, then prepare the business for sale leveraging our Six Value Drivers, which can optimize business value by as much as 20%.

Six Value Drivers

Identify Team

Diversify Revenue

Emphasize Growth

Focus on Profits

Update Systems

Maximize Timing

We sell businesses, knowing that you have one chance to reap the rewards of your life’s work.

The Salazar Group offers business sellers a full complement of services critical to selling your business with our proven sales process.


Not sure about selling your company? We provide a complimentary consultation to answer your questions.

Let us maximize your chance to reap the rewards of your life’s work.

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