We Sell Businesses.

The Salazar Group is an M&A advisor and one of Orange County’s most uniquely experienced, middle-market brokers, focusing on companies $5M-$50M.

We Optimize Business Value.

To maximize the value of your company, we tailor our tested, proven and highly effective process, including our Six Value Drivers, often increasing market value up to 20%.

We Understand Businesses in Transition.

We bring a rare skill set the C-suite combined with an award-winning brokerage record — enabling us to close more than $500M in transactions.


We sell businesses and have successfully closed countless – often complex – transactions totaling more than $500M.

The Salazar Group offers business sellers a full complement of services critical to selling your business with our proven sales process.

Business owners have just one chance to reap the rewards of their life’s work. Follow our results-focused, “Six Key Value Drivers”, designed to optimize your business’ value.


Not sure about selling your company? We provide a complimentary consultation to answer your questions.


Increase your Business’ Value up to 20%

Backed by 30+ years of experience, we prepare your business for sale leveraging results-focused value drivers. We create a Broker’s opinion of value and optimize the worth of your business by implementing our tested and proven process.

Maximize your chance to reap the rewards of your life’s work.
Contact us for a complimentary consultation.