What to Expect

We are eager to show you how we match you with the ideal buyer, provide you the opportunity to retire, start a new career or simply reap the rewards of your business’ success. But, our clients articulate our reputation and their experience far better. Here are just a couple…

Working with David made an otherwise stressful situation with prospective suitors — reviewing everything from personnel and strategy to sales and our company books — as easy as possible. He was there to carefully monitor all necessary tasks and steps from behind the scenes. We would never have made it to the finish line without David’s impressive expertise!”

Mike W.

B2B apparel manufacturer

“David Salazar made our difficult sale so much easier. He knew how to position our strengths and weaknesses to make prospective buyers take a second look. He helped finish our sale with all needed paperwork, making for a stress-free ending to our journey. He was so poised and polished and I was always very proud to have him representing us. I would recommend David to any company, large or small, to make their sales process seamless.”

Connie B.

CFO, Automotive Services

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